10 Minute Coffee Run Series: Disengaged Employees

June 17, 2022

10 Minute Coffee Run Series: Disengaged Employees

According to Tim McClure, when passionate employees become quiet, it usually sends a signal that the work environment has become very dysfunctional.

Having the right systems in place could avoid this potentially. They would foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where feedback would be welcomed. If not, there would be processes in place to get support.

1 - Organization & Management Systems

2 - Processes & Procedures

3 - Technology & Tools

4 - Mindsets & Behaviours

It is Number 4 that is critical. To ensure employees are Engaged, Enabled, and Empowered.

For Example:

1 - Regular one-on-ones can allow the employee/manager to provide feedback in a secure environment

2 - Regular team meetings to provide and obtain feedback at the department level

3 - Roundtables with senior management

4 - Anonymous feedback forms

5 - .......

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